You Gotta Eat Dinner Anyway, Right? Why Not Eat Some YumYums and Help a Great Cause at the Same Time?!

The Omaha Schools Foundation is working hard to raise funds for teen job training programs here in the metro. One name local residents might recognize is the SummerWorks program that is held at the University of Nebraska at Omaha every summer.

SummerWorks is a nine week summer employment academy designed for select high school youth ages 15-18 years old who desire to earn an income through summer employment while gaining skills through their work experience. During the nine weeks, participants work at public parks and nonprofit organizations within the community to learn, earn, and serve.

To help provide funds to ensure these kids in our community gain viable work experience, consider bidding on one of the great auction items available on Proxibid. Packages include dinner at Upstream and a Stormchasers game with Creighton basketball stars Ryan Sears and Antoine Young, respectively, or golf and lunch with Husker greats Eric Crouch and Matt Davison.

Get your bids in now! Lots for the Stormchasers/CU package start closing Mon., Aug. 25 and the golf/Huskers package lots begin closing Wed., Sept. 24.





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You Know That Catchy Barbie Girl Song? It Goes: (Super High End) Barbie Girl, in a (Super High End) Barbie World…Or Something Like That…

Las Vegas Liquidations is constantly filling the Proxibid Marketplace with fun knickknacks and doodads that transport us back to simpler times when gas was only a quarter and school supply lists were a notebook and a pencil (no 100 boxes of Kleenexes here).

And the toys! The toys were simple but they sure weren’t anything to sneeze at either (we have 100 boxes of Kleenexes if you need to, though).

This sale features a huge selection of high-end Barbie dolls, many that are new and in their original boxes.

Our favorites include Harley-Davidson Barbie, Barbie Loves Frank Sinatra and Barbie and Ken: Star Trek edition because they are the most random assortment, ranging from sci-fi sweetness to rugged biker gal to classic chic – something for every personality.

Lots start closing this Sunday, Aug. 24, so get your bids in now!

Remember that mini-donut-ice-cream-espresso-pizza-parlor mall food court you always dreamed of opening one day?

…Now is your chance!

Scavenger Deals has a timed auction happening now on Proxibid featuring ice cream machines, cappuccino makers, convection ovens and more. The items come from a food court remodel sale, but each lot is in great condition.

This sale is perfect for those who are tired of the slow production of their Easy Bake Ovens (darn those tiny light bulbs). But really, established businesses and newbies alike won’t want to miss this auction on Proxibid!

Lots begin closing Wed., Sept. 3 at 8 p.m. Central.

This Convenience Store Sale Brings One Thing to Mind…


Jay and Silent Bob, of course!

If you call recall sub-par raunchy comedies of the early 2000s, certainly the cult classic “Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back” comes to mind.

If not, let us enlighten you.

This movie is about a foul-mouthed scoundrel and his peculiarly quiet best friend trying to cash in on a movie being made about them without their permission. Bad words and weirdness ensue as they trek to Hollywood.

Pretty deep, artsy stuff, right?

But more important than the plot is the convenience store that started their quest!

The pair of friends is a staple in front of the convenience store in their town. They dance in front of it. They sing in front of it. They wear tacky early 2000s clothes in front of it. It truly is their number one hangout spot.

And now, buyers across the globe have the chance to recreate their own quirky movie (or just revive this building and start a business – either one!) with this:


A closed convenience store in Clyde, Kansas! We see a lot of property come through our Marketplace, but this is a really neat opportunity to purchase a cool piece of real estate from our friends at United Country – Theurer Auction/Realty LLC.

Bid here before someone snags this quaint little shop! Bidding ends Mon., Aug. 25 at 8 p.m. Central.


An Auction You Can Really Sink Your Fangs Into

HBO’s vampire-laden series “True Blood” is nearing its series finale after seven years.

The show takes place in a world where vampires and humans coexist…somewhat peacefully. It is part romance, part thriller and a whole lotta campy rolled into one hit television show.

And now, more than 1,500 signature items from the show will be auctioned off to fans (or “Trubies” – the term for diehard followers).

The auction features clothing worn by the cast, décor from recognizable venues on the show and a variety of props and jewelry from the set. Notable items include fangs from starring characters and a menu from the staple restaurant throughout the series, Merlotte’s (only three screen-used menus are available for bid).

The sale only runs from Aug. 20 until Aug. 25, so fans better grab their garlic necklaces and place their bids before these items retire to their coffins forever!


A throne used on the show in a club called “Fangtasia.” 


We Have Official Details on the Newest Smartphone on the Market!

Technology is rapidly advancing every single day, and we at Proxibid fully embrace these changes.

We pride ourselves on staying ahead of the curve, which is why we are thrilled that this fully-loaded smartphone is making its debut in our Marketplace!


…Okay, so we may have pulled your leg a bit, but this antique electric wall telephone is in great shape and we think it’s a “smart”phone for a smartcollector!

Plus, just consider all of these features:

  • Look at that cord length! Perfect for those days where you need to reach something three inches away. 
  • Human-like face. The black rounded shapes combined with the microphone really give this phone some personality!
  • Outdated in the best way possible. Since it’s unlikely you will actually be able to use this phone to text and call people, it’s a great way to avoid all of your responsibilities! Haven’t you read those stories about people feeling relaxed without their cell phones chained to their fingers?

Head on over to for more details on this beautiful antique. The live auction begins on Sat., Aug. 16 at 6 p.m. on Proxibid! 

Who Doesn’t Love a Good Ol’ Beer Collectible Auction?

Munda Auctions is bringing a rockin’ party vibe to our Marketplace with its latest sale.

This auction features antique and pre-prohibition tin signs and a slew of collectibles from a 69-year-old family business.

All you really need to have a bumpin’ hangout is some cool old signs and a bunch beer tap handles – which are both available for bid!

Other notable items include a 1915 Schlitz Tin Litho Sign and working Old Milwaukee Neon Light:

Fancy, eh?

This sweet stash is guaranteed to make your party space the perfect mix of vintage and modern.

The live auction begins Fri., Aug. 15, but place your pre-beers, er, pre-BIDS now before these items slip away!

Must Love Dogs (Paintings of Them, Anyway)

Hampton House Auctions’ latest sale is chock full of randomness – as is the case with most estate sales. However, this particular showing is not one, but two estate sales in one!

…Which means things can get real neat, real fast. Or weird. We like to think weird stuff IS neat, though.

Among our favorites of this auction are the seemingly endless oil portraits of different breeds (specifically the ever-regal pug) and various Fido figurines and trinkets.

The owners of these items really loved dogs. Like, really really.

Pre-bidding is happening now on Proxibid, or you can bid live when the auction begins on Sat. Aug. 23 at 9 a.m. Eastern.

Snatch up your pooch portraits before it’s too late! Plus, these pictures are just a sampling of the four-legged frenzy of paintings that await you…

(Included here are lots 333, 334 and 336)

Quirky Music Memorabilia for Sale! (Willie Nelson’s Braids Are Being Sold, So There is Extra Emphasis on the Quirk Factor)

Outlaw country icon Waylon Jennings’ personal collection is set to cross the block this fall, and boy did he have an eclectic stash of star-studded stuff!

The pinnacle of this sale is the Ariel Cyclone motorcycle that was gifted to Jennings from his close friend and music legend Buddy Holly.

Other items of note include a robe and boxing gloves from Muhammad Ali, custom cowboy boots owned by Hank Williams, a handwritten letter from John Lennon and more.

The live auction will be held Oct. 5 in Phoenix, Arizona.

imageWillie Nelson and Waylon Jennings perform together in 1993. Photo: Ron Galella, Ltd.