A Very Animated Headline: “Where the Wild Things Are” Author’s Rare Disney Collectibles to Cross the Block

Maurice Sendak was an author and illustrator best known for his 1963 book “Where the Wild Things Are.” Aside from his own creations, Sendak admired another beloved animated character: Mickey Mouse.

In fact, he owned a vast collection of rare Mickey toys, including a German Mickey Mouse wind-up toy with moving mouth, and a German crank toy of two dancing Mickey litho figures. These toys are estimated to sell for $20,000-$35,000 each.

Sendak’s cherished toys just so happen to be extremely rare finds: the two German Mickeys are each one of only two or three known to exist.

Reportedly, Sendak was inspired to become an illustrator after seeing the Disney film “Fantasia” when he was 12 years old.

This is the third of four auctions set to sell Sendak’s Disney items. Total proceeds could exceed $300,000.

Ken’s Picks of the Week!

You may be wondering: who the heck is Ken?!

Well, don’t worry because we are happy to tell you exactly who the heck Ken is!

Vice President of Advertising and a founding partner of Proxibid, Ken Maxwell has been directly involved in the creation of products and services for the auction industry for more than 14 years.

Ken currently leads the company’s advertising division, providing creative services, advertising and marketing for thousands of auction companies.

Oh, and he loves bidding on funky, interesting auctions on Proxibid!

This week’s theme, collectible toys, might just hit you right in the childhood.

Star Wars AT-AT  
You see very few AT-ATs that are new and still in the box. This was one of the most prized of the Star Wars toys when “Empire Strikes Back” came out in 1980.

I wanted this AT-AT when I was a kid, but my mom would never buy it for me. She may have been weary to get it for me since I used to strap bottle rockets to my Star Wars action figures and shoot them toward my neighbor’s house. Today, those action figures (minus the bottle rocket rides) would have been worth hundreds of dollars.

Caterpillar 6090 Mining Shovel by OHS
There was a very limited run of the 1:50 scale Caterpillar mining shovel. This is an amazing work of art when it comes to die cast models. According to the auction company, approximately 10 years ago, an English Company (OHS Models) manufactured an O&K RH400 Mining Shovel scale model.  The model was produced in very limited quantities, there were perhaps 100 pieces made. The models sold then for $1,095 each. This one-of-a-kind model is an OHS RH400 Scale model custom painted in the current Caterpillar Colors. 

Rare Early Fisher Price Construction Vehicle #301
This was one of my favorite toys up until age 4, which would have been in 1976. Without a doubt, this is one of the best sandbox toys, and has become a highly collectible item. This is the Fisher Price #301 Shovel Loader made from 1975-1978.

This Vintage Instrument Sale is Allowed to Toot its Own Horn! (Because it’s Awesome)

Matthew Bullock Auctioneers’ upcoming instrument sale on Sat., Aug. 16 at 9:30 a.m. Central has clarinets that would make famed musicians such as Anton Stadler, Johann Simon Hermstedt and Squidward Tentacles look like a bunch of amateurs.

This sale has flutes that would make esteemed jazz flutist Ron Burgundy feel trapped in a glass case of emotion.

There are immaculate drums that even Animal the Muppet would tap gently.

Basically, you don’t want to miss this sale!

While most of the musicians we mentioned are silly, fictional creations, these instruments are the real deal. 

The items available for bid are from the Sadler Music Store, a business that was open from 1882 until 2005. There are more than 200 antique and new instruments along with amplifiers, turntables, speakers and more than 2,000 jazz records.

Don’t miss your chance to own:

Lot 178: Cornet from 1953

Lot 317: Rare antique Verferligt Von Magleburg “c” Rotary Valve Trumpet

Log Cabin for Sale! (Flannel, ax, Abe Lincoln and other log cabin clichés sold separately)

Imagine sipping a cup of hot coffee on a crisp morning in a rocking chair on the wraparound porch of your private log cabin.

Surprisingly, this is not the premise of a Folger’s commercial.

Well, it probably is, but this is also what your future holds if you are the lucky bidder on United Country – Real Estate Haden Realty’s Log Cabin auction next month! Say that 10 times fast.

This gorgeous custom built log cabin in Hiddenite, N.C., is the definition of country living. It sits on a 5-acre lot and is close to horseback riding trails and snow skiing.

What more could a person want?!

Take a peek and get the specs here.

Pulp Non-Fiction: Uma Thurman to Auction off Private Screening and Q&A Sesh

Uma Thurman’s career skyrocketed after her role as Mia Wallace in the 1994 cult classic “Pulp Fiction.”

After more than twenty years since the film’s release, Thurman is auctioning off a night to watch a private screening of the film with her, followed by a Q&A session and cocktails. The highest bidder will be able to choose 55 friends to accompany him or her to the screening at NeueHouse in New York City.

The price tag on this star-studded evening ain’t cheap: the event is expected to sell for $40,000. Proceeds benefit Room to Grow, an organization dedicated to enriching the first three years of babies born in poverty.

The actress was inspired to hold the screening after she watched the film for the first time in more than a decade while she was in Cannes.

Bidding ends Wed., July 23. 

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KFC: Kentucky Fried…Clothes?

You can become one step closer to fried chicken godliness because KFC founder Colonel Sanders’ signature white suit is crossing the auction block.

This is not the first time one of these coveted suits has been auctioned off, but still, it’s Colonel Sanders! He practically invented fried chicken!

The last time a Sanders suit went up for auction, it fetched $21,150. And in 2002 at a charity auction, bidding reached $80,000 (that’s the equivalent of about 13,333 KFC Double Down sandwiches).

Over the last 20 years of his life, these white suits were the only thing the Colonel would wear in public.

Bidding closes on July 25.

Wreckage from the Titanic Crafted into Something Beautiful

William Parker was a carpenter aboard the cable ship, Minia. The Minia was sent out to recover the bodies of victims from the Titanic tragedy. The ship’s crew fulfilled their duty and brought home those who had fallen; however, they also salvaged wooden debris from the wrecked ship.

With this wood, Parker crafted several pieces, including a chessboard. This beautifully made piece of history provides a unique way to remember the past.

Click here for more information.

Piedmont Set to Hit Homerun Sales during its July Sports Memorabilia Auction

On Saturday the 26 at 11 a.m. Eastern, sports memorabilia collectors will be feeling like it’s Christmas in July during Piedmont’s upcoming auction.

This sale features more than 75 lots of highly desirable memorabilia.

Buyers will not want to miss this opportunity to snag items including:

Lot 48: Hank Greenberg Autographed Vintage Glove – This mitt is from the 1940s-1950s and is signed by softball first baseman Hank Greenberg. According to JSA, this is the only Hank Greenberg signed glove they have seen.


Lot 76: Joe DiMaggio Trophy by George Burke – Acclaimed photographer George Burke created these trophies and presented them to the players themselves, they were not available for sale.


Lot 78: Snapshot of Babe Ruth from 1915 – In this Beckett Type 1 photograph, Babe Ruth is wearing his fur coat in an empty stadium. Some have said this photo may be from his honeymoon. 


Hoverboards Really Do Exist!

…Okay, so just because something is called a hoverboard doesn’t mean it can actually, you know…hover.

But here is the next best thing: Marty McFly aka Michael J. Fox’s pink hoverboard from “Back to the Future 2” is going under the hammer.

How cool is that?! While it may not float above ground, it was in the possession of famous people doing famous things in a famous movie. So that’s something.

The hoverboard is one of 300 major movie props to cross the block at an auction in London. The items will be auctioned off on July 16, and the futuristic piece of wood is expected to fetch $25,000.