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Proxibid will be conducting routine website maintenance on Tuesday, April 15 from midnight-4 am Central. Our website and online bidding application may be unavailable intermittently during this time. We apologize for any inconvenience as we make enhancements to your online experience.

You’re Safe Transacting on Proxibid

At Proxibid, we take online safety and security seriously. Our servers are protected, 24x7, in a secure offsite facility managed by a leading datacenter provider.

Much has been reported in the news this week about Heartbleed, a major online security flaw which could put personal information at risk, including passwords, credit card information and emails. For those with a technical understanding of the issue, Proxibid is not affected because we do not run the exposed version of OpenSSL.

Proxibid takes pride in offering the most trusted place to transact online. We are committed to your online safety and encourage you to transact with confidence on Proxibid.

To protect yourself from Heartbleed:

  • Once a site that you log on to regularly has confirmed that they have completed the security patch update, change passwords of sensitive accounts
  • Be sure to contact small businesses that may have your data
  • Watch financial statements closely over the next few days

Click for more information about the Heartbleed security flaw. 

Guernsey’s Brings “Artistry of the Guitar” Auction to The Finest

Every so often, a remarkable collection is sold at auction. In this way, paintings by Picasso, historic racing Ferraris and other forms of the most sought after items get dispersed to passionate collectors seeking the rarest and best. Such is the case with Guernsey’s April 2-3 auction of a stunningly beautiful collection of the finest guitars. Assembled by a gentleman over a period of four decades, there is little in the way of precedent when looking for a comparison to the extraordinary instruments that soon will be sold. The event will be held live at New York City’s stylish Bohemian National Center online bidding also available by The Finest.

Imagine a broad array – nearly three hundred instruments in al – of historic Martins, Gibsons, Epiphones, Gretches, Washburns, Strombergs, and Prairie States. Bid on treasures created by such talented craftsmen as Ramirez, D’Angelico and Simplicio. The fifty extraordinary Martins include an OM-28, F-7, 00-45, D-28 and the rarest of the rare, a Martin OM-45 Deluxe. Of the many Gibsons are an HG-24, J-200, L-5 (many), SJ-200, Super 400 Flattop and a SJN Country Western. The dozen D’Angelicos include New Yorkers, Excels, a Special, a Style A and a mandolin. And then there are instruments made noteworthy by the legendary musicians who played them. But this is just a taste, a sampling of the excitement in store for those who take part in what certainly will be a memorable event.

Guernsey’s has produced a comprehensive, handsomely photographed catalogue documenting the many instruments in the auction. Several noted experts have provided detailed descriptions.

Click here to view the auction catalog or to bid.

Golf Clubs Belonging to Ben Hogan Up for Bid

Golf fans and collectors will have the chance to own a piece of golf equipment history when a set of golf clubs used by Ben Hogan cross the auction block. These aren’t just any clubs, though. These are MacGregor irons used during Hogan’s legendary 1953 season, during which he won the Masters, US Open, and British Open.

The set of clubs currently belongs to PGA Tour player, Jimmy Powell, who is now selling the clubs.

"This isn’t just any Ben Hogan iron set that he may have used once or twice," the listing reads. "These are Hogan’s actual ‘working’ set from 1953, when he not only won three majors, but was fine-tuning his idea for the perfect golf club."

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Want a Piece of the Hoff? David Hasselhoff’s Personal Archive Is For Sale

Items from David Hasselhoff’s personal archive will be up for auction in April, the Hollywood Reporter reported today. The sale is being marketed as a celebrity yard sale, and includes some pretty weird stuff.

Some of the favorites?

  • The Hoff’s personal Knight Rider KITT car - made by fans and presented to the actor as a gift.
  • Replica KITT golf cart
  • Oversized model of Hasselhoff in Baywatch swim trunks, stretched to look as if he is gliding across the water - comes mounted on a rolling metal rack. This was used as a prop in the 2004 SpongeBob Squarepants movie.
  • Personal clothes
  • Baywatch memorabilia

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Israeli Auction Brings $100K for Signed Note by Theodore Herzl

A rare note signed by Theodore Herzl, the founder of the State of Israel, sold at an Israeli auction for $100,000.

Dated February 1, 1903, and written in German, the note says  “Was man recht will das muss man träumen denken sagen und tuen” – “What a man truly wants, he must dream about, think about, tell about and do.”

The note came from the estate of a Berlin rabbi, and sold to an American collector. It is believed to be the most expensive item connected to Herzl to sell at auction.

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Social Sharing is Easier Than Ever on Proxibid!

We are making it easier to share items from the Proxibid Marketplace to Facebook and Twitter. Previously, this feature only allowed a user to share an entire auction on social networks. Now users can share a specific item, taking friends and followers directly to the item listing page on Proxibid.

So…share away and let everyone know about the great items you’re finding online at Proxibid!

Camera from NASA’s Moon Missions Sells at Auction

The only camera to have returned from NASA’s moon missions (1969-1972) sold at an auction for approximately 550,00 euros/$760,000 on Saturday in Vienna. This camera was one of 14 sent to the moon as part of the Apollo 11-17 missions, but is the only one to have been returned.

The camera sold to a telephone buyer for well above its estimated price of 150,000-200,000 euros.

This particular camera was used by astronaut Jim Irwin during the Apollo 15 mission in July-August 1971.

In addition to the camera, 600 other items sold during Saturday’s auction.

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Paul McCartney Stops Auction of Clothing, Song Lyics

Paul McCartney’s attorney’s have worked to stop the auction of items of clothing and a scrap of paper with song lyrics to be sold along with other possessions owned by the late Rose Martin, McCartney’s former housekeeper and nanny. Martin passed away and her family was selling the items as part of an auction of her estate.

The clothing, a suit and cape owned by McCartney, were said to have been given to the housekeeper by Linda McCartney. The former Beatle says he would never have given away clothing and that the items are not the family’s to sell. Since both Ms. Martin and Ms. McCartney are deceased, there is no one to corroborate the truth.

The auction will continue as planned, but without the items in question.

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Major Classic Car Auction in Monaco

Collectors rejoice! A major classic car auction is coming soon, but you have to get to Monaco to participate. The auction will take place just a few weeks before the legendary Monaco Grand Prix race and will feature some of the most coveted vehicles available in Europe. Here’s a small sampling of what’s for sale:

  • 1949 Alfa Romeo 6C 2500SS cabriolet
  • 1989 Aston Martin V8 Volante
  • 1962 Ferrari 250 GTE 2+2 Series II by Pininfarina
  • 1954 Bentley R-Type Continental Fastback Sport Saloon by Franay

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